DIY Bath Bomb That You Can Use In Your Daily Routine

Bath bombs are always fascinated by adults as well as by children too. The variety of designs, scents, and colors have attracted people. 


In a bowl, take the corn starch, soda bicarb, critic acid, and Epsom salts. Mix them until they are well combined. Then, add a base oil, essential oil, and a few drops of coloring to it. Slowly mix them and keep mixing droplets of water. Make sure that the mixture is not wet as it will take the shape of the mold and easily clumps in your hands. Add flower petals at the bottom of the mold. Pack the mixture tightly on the top smoothing out with a spoon. Leave it to get set for 3 – 4 hours and then gently remove them from the mold. 


Voila! Now it is time to use these bath bombs daily. Dive in your bathtub with these homemade bath bombs.