DIY Using 2 Home Ingredient Cream Blush

We cannot imagine going to the parties without applying on a rosy blush. Not only it makes the dull and sallow complexions look more youthful, but also does add a healthy flush of color to the face. Cream blushes are very easy to blend and also give a natural glow to the face.


Here are few steps on how you can make the cream blush at your home: 


Step 01: Take one tablespoon of Vaseline in a microwave-safe container and heat until it melts down


Step 2: Then take a matte powder eyeshadow of your favorite color and add it to the melted Vaseline.


Step 3: Mix both ingredients very nicely and if you feel that you need a little more pigment then always add more eyeshadow. Mix them well.


Step 4: Transfer this to a flat makeup pan and allow it to rest in a cool, dry place overnight.


And you are ready to apply the cream blush. Simple, wasn’t it?