Do and Don't when using Retinol.

1.Don't apply retinol on damp skin, cleanse your face and wait for 5 -10 min then apply. 2. Use retinol only at night. 3. Hydration is the key while you're using retinol as the skin can purge one need to moisturizer it regularly. 4.Don't use any other actives while using retinol and no more exfoliantion. 5. Use twice a week if you're begginer. 6. Sunscreen is not negotiable, use broad spf atleast 50+ with pa+++. 7. if your begginer use sandwich method or buffer it with moisturizer or use it as a washoff treatment. 8. Anyone who is trying to conceive, pregnant or lacting shouldn't use retinol in any derivative however one can use roship oil instead. 9. If one is begginer and skin in purging then use sandwich method or use it as a wash off