Do BTS' V and BLACKPINK's Jennie even deserve the extreme hatred for this absurd reason?

Recently BTS made their debut on Instagram and put the whole platform on fire. Since their arrival, every single action of theirs on the platform has been under strict scrutiny, from their posts to their comments everything is being dissected by everyone. Meanwhile, it was BTS' V who became the first target of the internet haters when he mistakenly followed BLACPINK'S Jennie.

V, who was obviously overwhelmed with the app, started following Jennie by mistake, but he soon unfollowed her. The whole matter was however cleared when he came on to Weverse to clarify that it was an accident. He wrote, "Is there a way to get rid of Instagram’s recommendation page?…this is a scary app.” Some poked fun at V and others understood that it was a genuine mistake.

However, there was a section of internet haters who went overboard with their reactions to the whole matter. They began to spam Jennie's Instagram with hate comments such as, "Leave V alone," "Free V," "Tae followed you, don't get your hopes up roach" etc. The comments got bad to worse that they can't even be mentioned here.

Meanwhile, V was also being bashed by the internet haters, however, it got ridiculous when some haters referred to his late grandmother with utter disrespect and cruelty. They called him a stalker and obsessive. Nevertheless, none of them has addressed the issue, however, their supporters have come in to support their idols. Well, this whole streak of reactions just proved why celebrities refrain from using social networking sites. Is this the cost they have to pay for being celebrities?

How unfair is it to them? Don't you think such toxic users should be afraid of some consequences?