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Do Filmmakers Taking The Responsibility For A Movie Failure Change The Public's View Towards It?

During Kalank’s release , Karan Johar had taken the full responsibility when the 2019 mega-budget theatrical was said to be a massive flop. Karan said that even though the team is equally responsible, him being the senior and the creative crew driving the ship makes him fully responsible for the failure more than anyone else. Now, years after the release, writer Hussain Dalal believes to have taken a big part in ruining Kalank due to his overbearing poetry. He believes that the wonderful story could be communicated better and that he was responsible for the film tanking at the box office.

While failure is a driving force to the creation of better story’s, it also makes the filmmakers and the crew retrospect on the mistakes they made along the way, due to which the film did not work. Taking responsibility for a flop film is totally justified but on the other hand does it change the viewers attitude towards the movie or just gives the media another reason to criticise it?


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