Do hair serums work towards hair growth? Check out this review to know

So I recently tried Minimalist Hair Growth (Actives 18%) Hair Serum for Hair Fall Control. This serums contains Redensyl, Procapil & More ingredients that are said to promote hair growth. This was my first time trying out a serum for hair! It claims to be a powerful hair growth serum with a blend of 5 proven ingredients (capixyl, redensyl, procapil, anagain, and baicapil) in a high concentration of 18%. A potent combination of peptides and extracts for fuller, thicker hair. It's features include

Hair growth formula: A super potent, multi-functional hair growth serum containing 5 proven ingredients. Capixyl 5% + redensyl 3% + procapil 3% + anagain 3% + baicapil 4%. Starts to show reduction in hair fall by 4th week and new hair growth by 8th week.

Safe and powerful: A completely safe, yet powerful serum for both men and women, that can be used everyday without any side-effects that are generally associated with other treatments.

Potent ingredients: Infused with saw palmetto extract and sanguisorba officinalis (SO) root extract to further boost the performance of the serum.

High quality ingredients: All ingredients are sourced from leading suppliers - capixyl (Lucas Meyer, Canada), redensyl (Givaudan, Switzerland), procapil (Sederma, UK), AnaGain (Mibelle AG, Switzerland), baicapil (Provital, Spain)

Clean and transparent formulations: This formula has a pH value of 5.0- to 6.0 and is fragrance free and silicone free.

It showed minimal results on my scalp for hair growth but the texture of my hair changed. It's a little oily and takes time to get absorbed so it's best to apply it at night. So, would you try this serum?