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Do Kangana Ranaut's tweets explain Hrithik Roshan's Side Of The Story?

When the whole Kangana Ranaut vs Hrithik Roshan thing came into discussion. Many were trying to undertsand Kangana's side of the story. She was applauded for her work and was called courageous to speak about these starkids and nepotism. However, when recent events came into the light, people started doubting her credibility. She was seen calling names to other actors and actresses just because she didn't agree with their opinions. Many on twitter had asked her to return her Padmashri Award, as she had claimed to do so, if her statements were wrong about Sushant Singh Rajput's demise. Her fan following supports her for being active on every issue, while others started guessing if Hrithik was right the whole time. Well, no one knows the truth. But do you think that bullying someone and calling names is maturity, if one doesn't agree with others?

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