Do Neetu Kapoor, Ranbir Kapoor, and Alia Bhatt live in the same house?

Before Ranbir and Alia got married the couple along with Neetu Kapoor used to visit their home construction site to see the progress. It was believed that Neetu Kapoor is going to stay on one of the floors. The couple and Neetu will not be staying together but will stay in the same building. Currently, Neetu Kapoor is staying separately and Ranbir and Alia are staying at Ranbir's Chembur home

Last year Neetu revealed that she prefers staying alone because she has her privacy. Her daughter lives in Delhi along with her husband but whenever she comes to Mumbai she stays with her mother. Neetu also revealed that she doesn't like sitting on her children's heads and wants them to have their privacy. "I want them to be busy with their lives. I say mere dil main Raho, mere sir pe mat Chadha. When Riddhima was with me for the pandemic, I was so stressed for one year because she couldn't go back. I used to get so restless. I used to tell her Riddhima to go back, Bharat is alone. I was pushing her away. I like my privacy. I am used to this way of life," said Neetu Kapoor.