Do we even need a second season of "Arthdal Chronicles" after a disastrous first season?

tvN's fantasy drama "Arthdal Chronicles" which is sort of a South Korean counterpart of "Games of Thrones" has been renewed for a second season. The drama was led by Kim Ji-won and Song Joong-ki in its first season but even their star power couldn't save the drama from its doom. It received mostly negative reviews for its poor use of CGI, loopholes in the plot, slow pace etc, and it also had its fair share of controversies.

Netflix and tvN have decided to go further with the second season as planned, and it will soon kickstart its production but the question is do we even need another season after the kind of disaster season one was? The cast is also expected to change, will it be able to survive in terms of ratings had the cast been replaced? What are your views?