Do you agree that Lee Jun-ho is getting his overdue recognition with "The Red Sleeve Cuff?"

2 PM Lee Jun-ho made his acting debut in 2013 and went on to star in various movies such as 'Cold Eyes' and 'Twenty.' However, he didn't get enough attention until the 2017 comedy-drama 'Cheif Kim' despite being praised for his acting. It was in 2017 only when he also grabbed his first lead role in 'Rain or Shine,' and again for his portrayal of a psychologically scarred man who survived a huge disaster, he received a lot of praise.

However, despite delivering various versatile dramas, Lee Jun-ho didn't get a loyal fanbase as an actor. His wide range of acting and reach as an actor that was displayed in 'Chief Kim' or in 'Confession' was not being recognized enough by the viewers. The way he has transformed himself to get into the skin of the character has always been a quality that has blown me away.

Well, after the streak of average rating dramas, Lee Jun-ho is back with his new Saeguk drama 'The Red Sleeve Cuff' which is getting a lot of attention both domestically and worldwide. Lee Jun-ho is being appreciated for his role as a dutiful and compassionate King as well as the ratings of the dramas has already touched double digits that assures me that finally, Lee Jun-ho is receiving the recognition that he deserved from the beginning. I hope he continues to prove himself as a reliable actor with his upcoming ventures.

Have you been watching 'The Red Sleeve Cuff?' What are your thoughts on Lee Jun-ho acting?