Do you agree with Naseeruddin Shah's comment on the Khans not speaking out?

Industry veteran Naseeruddin Shah has been vocal about a lot of socio-political issues all his life. He has been critical of almost every regime in India. While most Bollywood stars remain silent on burning issues, Shah seems like an odd one out. He was recently asked in an interview about this to which he said that actors in Bollywood are harassed for speaking their minds.


He answered on why the three Khans (Shah Rukh Khan, Salman Khan and Aamir Khan) always remain silent. "They are worried because of the harassment they'll be subjected to. They have so much to lose [..] it is a question of their entire establishments getting harassed." Now, this statement holds water since back in 2006, Aamir's film 'Fanaa' wasn't allowed to release in Gujarat after he made a remark of its then Chief Minister Narendra Modi.


This has happened with Shah Rukh as well on a number of occasions. So do you agree with Shah's view on this matter?