Do you agree with Nawazuddin Siddiqui that racism is more of a problem than Nepotism in Bollywood?

Nawazuddin Siddiqui has made a name for himself in Bollywood after years of struggle. Despite not having conventional hero looks, Nawaz proved every rule book wrong and became a success story. He believes that more than nepotism, racism is a big problem in the industry. He mentioned in an interview that he was rejected for years as he was short and looked a certain way.


He also talked about his 'Serious Men' co-star Indira Tiwari and said: "[Sudhir Mishra] cast her as the heroine, and I can guarantee you that there is so much racism in our industry, I will be very happy if she is cast as the lead again. Sudhir Mishra did it, but what about the head honchos in charge? More than nepotism, we have a racism problem.”


While we have had actresses like Nandita Das and Bipasha Basu, these names are more of an exception than a norm. So do you agree with Nawaz?