Do you agree that South Korea was not able to capitalize enough on the massive success of the 'Squid Game'?

Netflix's 'Squid game' took the world by storm with its huge success worldwide, breaking all the records ever set by any streaming site. The eyes were on South Korea whenever a new Korean drama was released, to an extent some were able to capitalize on 'Squid Game' success but not enough. From 'Hellbound' to 'My Name', Netflix didn't leave any stone unturned to promote the shows well. Despite a promising start by 'Hellbound', both the dramas couldn't even come close to the kind of success 'Squid Game' had achieved.

The year ended with Netflix's last Korean release 'The Silent Sea', another highly anticipated drama that landed flat on the audience. South Korea may have had many eyes on it in 2021, but don't you think it was not able to capitalize on that attention enough despite big releases? What do you think could have been the reasons for it? Was it the lack of interesting content or high expectations from the audience after a masterpiece like 'Squid Game'?