Do you believe Kangana Ranaut is on a destructive path?

Kangana Ranaut is no doubt a very talented actress. But in the last few years, she has been making news for all the wrong reasons. Every other day she utters something completely hateful or devoid of logic. Her hate spreading became too much earlier this year after Twitter decided to ban her after encouraging genocide post-West Bengal poll results.


We get a sense of her political ambitions but things might not go well as planned. Now Hrithik Roshan's life coach Arfeen Khan has said that Kangana is on a destructive path.


Arfeen said, "she’s pretty much on the destructive path of self-sabotage because she’s now trying to seek significance and attention in a way that is destructive yet appears to her as being constructive and that in a long run is gonna sabotage her thought process in a way that she will end up being in a great bad state." I couldn't help but agree with her. What do you think?