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Do you feel paparazzi culture is toxic in India?

I was inspired to write this after reading a post by Anonymously Safeena about the paparazzi. Apparently, Virat Kohli and Anushka Sharma had to send gifts to Viral Bhayani and other ring leaders of the pap world. Why? So that they stay away from their daughter Vamika and not hound her like Taimur. This is just next level insane if celebs have to request with folded hands and bribe these people for privacy, which is a basic right of every person.


I get it that most of these paps are there for a reason. They get calls from a celeb's PR team who inform them that X will be coming out of the airport at this time. Or Y goes to that gym and comes out at 11 am. I get their obsession with stars and actresses. But at least leave the newborn babies alone.


The obsession they had with Taimur and the constant reporting was amusing and problematic, to say the least. It worked as a wake-up call for Virushka maybe that's why they did what they had to. But what do you think about the paparazzi culture in India, especially their obsession with the babies of celebrity couples?


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