Do you find The Kapil Sharma Show 'Sexist and Vulgar'?

Kapil Sharma show has come a very long way with many alterations and too many changes. It started with a family show but slowly I feel it lost it's charm and became repetitive and bland. For instance let's say why are all the male characters dressed as female characters, jokes on drunkard old women (Daadi), Kapil making fun of his on-screen wife's big lips and it adds on. Also every time a member from the audience is called upon the stage to meet the stars they are badly made fun of, which is not very cool! The jokes are always surrounded around something vulgar and sexist which has made the show lose it's charm from when it first started! Now the show seems to be getting back in it's real tone and we can just hope that it doesn't run out of great ideas and stays on the right track to entertain in the right way!