Do you have an oily scalp? Here is how overwashing worsens the hair problem.

When you have an oily scalp, hair wash days seem like blessings. Sure, your hair may grease in a few days, but on wash days, you can simply get free of all your problems. The problem arises when you have over-washed your hair. If you have an oily scalp, the probabilities are you could be washing your hair too often. 


And yes, while cleansing to get rid of the grease every day may seem like the only logical thing to do, it can often strip your hair of its natural oils, thus triggering overproduction and even more oiliness. 


You develop dry tips

Your hair is super oily but when you are over-washing your hair, the tips and mid-section of hair tend to become frizzy and dry. This happens because of the lack of moisture on those areas and often washing your hair dries out the strands. Combat this hair problem by using a moisturizing conditioner that will balance the dryness and oiliness of your hair. 


Your hair doesn't look voluminous

No matter how many times you shampoo your hair if your strands look lively and bouncy, you are over washing your oily scalp. Counter the over washing of hair by opting for a dry shampoo since it can add volume to your hair without weighing it down. 


You could have dandruff

Over-washing can dry out your greasy scalp. The follicles in the scalp then produce excessive sebum to overcompensate, which results in dandruff flakes. Instead of over-shampooing the dandruff flakes away, use a scalp exfoliating treatment to take care of the dandruff problem.