Do you know Fans attending BTS' 'Permission To Dance On Stage - Seoul' concert will have to abide by this amusing rule?

BTS' highly awaited "Permission To Dance On Stage - Seoul" concert is just around the corner, they are back in their home country after two years and the Korean ARMYs are beyond excited. The guidelines that need to be abided by by the attendees have been released and there is one rule that you may find hilarious but is actually true. According to the guidelines, fans are not allowed to stand up, cheer, chant or yell during the concert to refrain from the spread of Covid 19. Instead, they can use clappers to cheer for the group.

Moreover, no individual fan events will be held due to the same reason. Although, the fans can get a customized message on their clappers, and it will be distributed to them on the same day of the concert. BTS' members have already shown their amusement on this, during Vlive SUGA was seen a bit disappointed whereas RM made a pun by saying instead of yelling "make some noise" we will say, "make some hands" which was followed by some silence after which RM and Jimin said, "We will try our best."

During BTS' Vlive on March 6, Jin was also seen making fun of the fans who won't be able to yell and it was hilarious. It looks like this rule doesn't sit well with the members as well, however, the step has been taken due to precautionary reasons. At least, those ARMYs can watch a BTS concert.

What do you think of it?