Do you know how much does these actresses charge per item number? (Not a small amount)

Item numbers are the biggest crowd puller. It seems that Bollywood runs on item songs than on scripts. Katrina Kaif is one another actress who's famous for her dancing skills. She's been a part of some chartbusters like Kamli, Chikni Chameli, Suraiyaa amongst others. It is said that Kat also initially charged 50 lakhs per song but given her growing popularity, she had hiked her fees by a big margin. Nora Fatehi recreated her storm with Kusu Kusu recently. Previously, she has also mesmerized viewers with performances like Ek Toh Kam Zindagani, Kamariya and have charged a sum of 50 lakhs per song. Samantha was recently seen in the Pushpa song, Oo Antava. She was initially unsure but it was Allu Arjun who pushed her to feature in the song. Imagine what she would have missed out on, had she rejected the number. Not just massive praise, but also a whopping 5 crores! You heard that right, that's how much Prabhu charged for it!