Did You Know The Meaning Of Word “Efficacy” In Skin Care?

There are many words related to skin and hair care that confuse the consumers. Now people are also becoming more aware of the product before purchasing any of them. They see the reviews, what are the ingredients included, price, and also compare the products from the other brands. I came across the word “Efficacy” which means that product goes under the test before they are released into the market. If the product fulfils all the description related to products then only they launch the product. They must fulfil all the promises they have described in the products such as skin brightening, pore minimizing, skin renewal, improving the texture, tightening of the skin, anti-wrinkle, redness, scars, etc. Google has defined the word “Efficacy” as very effective or its ability to produce the desired results but in skincare, it’s all about having the right ingredients for your skin issues and also choosing the right products for yourself. It means the products have been tested well and provide you the results which are mentioned. But some skincare products fail to deliver their promises and they exaggerate the description which is not at all possible. So, you must always look for ingredients that will suit your skin and then purchase.

Have you came across any such products that are exaggerated and have failed to deliver their claim? Name the products in the comment section below.