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Do you know the sad past of Lee Minho?

Lee Minho is loved by all of us, he looks so perfect and strong in all his dramas but there is a tragic past behind his strong figure. Our sunshine Minho escaped death not once but twice. Both times he was injured so heavily that it is a miracle that he is still with us.

The first accident happened in 2006 when he was just 19 years old. He was on a vacation with his best friend Jung Il Woo and two others. all four of them were in a car and driving towards Gangwon when a speeding car hit them from the opposite direction. The car was crushed and Minho's two friends died. the accident left Minho and Ilwoo severely hurt, Minho was bedridden for several months. His knee cartilage was torn, ribs were broken his thighs and ankle were also broken.

The second accident occurred when he was shooting for his drama "City Hunters" in 2011. the details of the accident were not revealed but the eyewitnesses say that it was a miracle that he is still alive. Lee Minho escaped the terrifying accident with minor injuries.

Both the accident has caused so much damage to his ankle that he can't stand up for more than 20 minutes and he always make sure that he is using his left foot.

isn't it a true miracle that our angel is still with us?


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