Do you know Vicki is Deepika’s favourite Character

Our all time favorite Deepika has revealed that she misses watching a show called “Small Wonder” from her childhood. Her favorite character “Vicki” was a robot, but still had the ability to laugh, cry and be funny, unlike some humans ;)! Deepika also mentioned how she misses watching this show with her friends Sneha and Divya, and how relaxing life was when she was could just come back from school, and enjoy her TV show! Well, afterall, being a mega star is not easy. Coping up with loads of work everyday and not getting time for yourself can trigger childhood memories. Deepika wishes to start watching “Small Wonders” again, and to enjoy her favorite character “Vicki” again. Sometimes, some ‘me time’ and old memories is all one needs, even a mega star for that matter!