Do you know why Himani Shivpuri was missing from the climax scene of 'DDLJ'?

One of the talented actress of Indian Cinema, Himani Shivpuri worked in the 1995 blockbuster hit,' Dilwale Dhulaniya Le Jayenge'. Her journey as an actress is really inspiring.

Himani had portrayed the role of Kajol's aunt, Kammo Kaur, and had entertained us with her powerful acting.


In an interview, she revealed why she was missing from the climax scene of the film. She said, "I was the only actor who was missing in the climax of DDLJ because my husband passed away just before we had to leave for the outdoors. The Yash Raj unit was very understanding even though there was supposed to be a culmination of my story with Anupam Kher. I had no time to think about all that because I was alone in a strange city, arranging the funeral of my husband, then carrying the ashes to Haridwar." 


Himani Shivpuri also faced the dilemma of leaving her job as an actor once she had a baby. Recalling those challenging moments, she shared, “I was very tempted to give up acting. We didn’t have much money so there was no alternative but to work. I wanted to give it all up because as a mother I used to feel guilty about leaving my child at home to go out and do shows. I still remember this one show in Kolkata, we couldn’t afford to fly, so I was on a train, breastfeeding my kid. It is hard to forget the stress and struggle of those days, rushing to the washroom before performances to express the milk just so the costume would not get wet. The point is women, be at home or out there working, rarely have it easy.”


Himani Shivpuri is no doubt an amazing actress and gave a lot to entertainment industry. Her dedication and hard work in her personal and professional life is highly appreciable.


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