Do you think actors should be referred to as entertainers rather than heroes?

It is critical for the future generation to understand the true meaning of the term "hero," and to apply it to police officers and soldiers who, despite the constant threat and hardships they experience in protecting the country, stand tall and resolute.

Things in our culture have altered as a result of television. People began to view the film in new ways as if becoming a celebrity was a vocation in and of itself. But, over time, I've noticed that people are beginning to regard them (actors) as heroes. They aren't heroes by any means. They're a glamorous bunch. Sportsmen, for example, participate in sports and should be recognised and respected, but society should not aim to be just like them. That's a quick fix. There are true heroes who make a difference in people's lives. They work selflessly to make a difference in people's lives. Those individuals are heroes. At the very least, desires should be oriented in the appropriate direction for a healthy society.