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Do you think beauty trends have changed during the pandemic?

We all have not touched our makeup kits since the covid pandemic has started. There are limited occasions to step out of our home and work from home has now become the new normal for all of us. So, our major focus has been shifted from makeup to follow a healthy skincare routine every day.


So here are a few trends that don’t seem to be going anywhere anytime soon.


Salon At Home

From shaping our eyebrows to coloring hair and also taking care of hair and skin, we have all done this at our home during this pandemic. Thank you to all DIY and YouTube tutorials. Salon at home is a trend that is not going to go away anytime soon.


Clean and Sustainable Beauty

The covid 19 pandemic has made us aware and conscious of the advertisements and products ingredients. People are now moving towards using natural products which are chemical-free and safe. This realization has made people turn towards clean and sustainable beauty.


The focus of Self Care

If there is anything that people have started to understand the importance of self-care and also turning to meditation and yoga from some peace. They have started to focus on the self-care routine more seriously. This is surely not going anytime soon.


Eye Makeup Love

When stepping out of the home, only doing eye makeup has become a trend. The main focus is on wearing a face mask that is matched with your clothes and eye makeup. Applying graphic eyeliner to bright eyeshadows has become a major trend during the pandemic.



During the pandemic, people have started only using minimum skincare products and makeup. You have to just cut down all extra products that you have been using in the name of skincare. Follow a simple CTM routine to achieve healthy and glowing skin.  


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