Do you think a biopic on Ranu Mondal might give her another opportunity in Bollywood?

Ranu Mondal is actually a product of intern, she became an overnight sensation after a video of hers singing at a railway station went viral on social media.

After which she was appreciated by a lot of stars and Himesh Reshammiya finally gave her a chance to sing in on of his films. But the same internet that made her viral and took her to the clouds played a huge role in bringing her back to land. She was trolled badly for a lot of things.

However now her biopic is being made but sadly none of the actors were agreeing to be a part of it. Film maker Hrishikesh Mondal said " So many actors found it insulting to play Ranu Mondal's character, after many rejections actress Eshika Deh has agreed to play her role in the biopic which is to be released in 2022. The title of the same is decided to be 'Miss Ranu Maria'.

Do you think this would give her an opportunity to revive her career in Bollywood?