Do you think BTOB played safe by choosing a ballad song for their long-awaited comeback?

K-pop boy group BTOB has finally made their full group comeback with a new album "Be Together" after over three years. The comeback was highly anticipated by the fans as they had high expectations. BTOB's new track "The Song" was released on February 21 and quickly became the talk of the town. They chose a ballad song for their return, a genre that had helped them to rise to a new level of success. It is a nostalgic track incorporated with stunning visuals and mellifluous vocals, which is one of BTOB's strengths.

On one hand, people are admiring the song for its lyrics and the beautiful blend of vocals and rap. The fans just can not stop gushing over the feeling of longing in it and references to the group's old songs in the track. However, many also believe that they simply played safe by choosing a ballad for their comeback which is BTOB's forte anyway. The song lacks in terms of experimentation and dynamic hooks, they mostly relied on their vocals for this comeback. Do you also agree with it?

What do you think of this comeback?