Do you think The Empire trailer is enough reason to uninstall Hotstar?

Since The Empire's trailer has launched, there have been many controversies surrounding it. Boycotting Hotstar or Uninstalling Hotstar is trending on Twitter since yesterday. The arguments started with the 2 min 40-sec video where the director of The Empire showed Babur as a glorifying leader. But my point is, is this enough reason to uninstall an app?

Personally, after Netflix and Amazon Prime, Disney+ Hotstar is my favourite OTT platform as it gives me my escape world to Disneyland- all the animated movies and princess movies. So if one movie or show releases that display wrong facts, I will not uninstall the whole app, instead will skip the show. Also before watching the show how one can judge what is in the content?

What are you going to do? Skip the show or uninstall the app?