Do you think "Fashion" is a milestone for Mugdha Godse?

Director Madhur Bhandarkar's 2008 released "Fashion" is a myth breaker movie and give us a reality check about on what actually goes in the Indian fashion industry.

Recently, "Fashion" completed 13 years of its release, on which actress Mugdha Godse said, " “More than change, I can say that people understood what goes behind fashion industry. There were a lot of myths, confusions and prejudices about fashion industry until then.”

"I feel blessed to be part of this project. It is remembered and watched even 13 years on. People get back to it every day. I get so many messages almost every day from people who say that they are watching the film. It is still a hot favourite movie. It feels nice to be a part of a nice project and it is gratifying that people still remember my performance as model Janet Sequeira,” Godse added.

At last she said, "It is a milestone films for many. I started my acting career with it and other female actors’ career reached greater heights with it. Everyone had something to gain from the film."

Do you really think this movie was a milestone for Mugdha? If yes, then why she has been escaped from Bollywood from so long?