Do you think Indian jury need to be careful while selecting films for Oscars?

More than 1800 films were released every year in India.But how many films have original content ?How many films showcases uniqueness from other films ?sadly very few films in india contain original content but the question is whether those films getting recognization or is the duty of Indian jury to watch films from various languages to select a good film to represent indian cinema at Oscars.When Indian jury selected Barfi ((UNORIGINAL)key scenes From Barfi are copied from Charlie Chaplin adventure and city of lights climax copied from the notebook singing in the rain even background music is copied from Amelie film) over paan singh tomar,dirty picture,kahaani, gangs of Wasseypur Which have original content.2019 there are many films far better than gullyboy but indian jury selected gully boy story is copied from 8miles DO You Known till now their is no horror film that won Oscar so their is no chance of sending tumbbad film

Some of the best films selected by Indian jury:







Lagaan, for instance, would not have been selected without Aamir Khan's clout. And despite making it to the final nomination round in 2002, it wasn't good enough to beat films, such as No Man's Land -- a brilliant Bosnian war drama. "All were hugely disappointed when Lagaan lost out, but when you see No Man's Land you realise it is a far better film," acknowledged PS Shyam, the executive producer of Rang De Basanti.