Do you think ISRO's dissatisfaction with its representation in Mission Mangal was justified?

I feel the film downplays engineering and innovation. Our top writers and directors do not attempt to comprehend the true issues before portraying them in a way that is both understandable and captivating (which is the mark of good cinema). Instead, they simply presume that the audience is stupid and add their own masala to make yet another formula film. As if ISRO's real accomplishments weren't enough.

The film reveals that Mangalyan was conceived as a one-man enterprise by a crazed nationalist whose sole motivation was to outdo NASA. It also demonstrates that ISRO management did not back him up. Of course, a nationalist film would be incomplete without a western-influenced NRI villain.

Then there are the teachings of Hindu-Muslim harmony and feminism, which are completely unnecessary.

To add to the masala, they created villains that did not exist, situations that did not exist, and battles that never took place. And, in the end, it was up to God and luck to provide excellent weather for the launch and orbit entrance, just to add to the tension. For me, this was the most significant “Are you serious?” moment. I sincerely hope Bollywood will cease manufacturing masala biopics. Or, at the very least, begins to acknowledge that such films are pure fiction. Because when you link a film to a real-life incident during marketing and promotion, people have specific expectations.