Do you think Jhanvi Kapoor's initial stardom was because of her mother?

They have tried moulding Jhanvi Kapoor and prodded, trained her to be an actress in the shadow of her legendary mother Sridevi, and then launched her.

After the launch, she should understand that everything is in her hands. Even the biggest star's most beautiful child working on the best project will fail eventually if they are bad. Jhanvi lacks now what would have been imperative guidance for her career, but I'm sure several people are watching out for her who had great respect for her mother. If she is good, she will still shine through bad project choices. If she is bad, she will eventually fall out of orbit and back to earth (a stupid reference to the aforementioned literal usage of the term launch).

So she should understand that she is eventually going to fail if she is not taking her acting game up!