Do you think JYP is mistreating 'Xdinary Heroes'?

JYP Entertainment launched a group named 'Xdinary Heroes' last year with the debut single 'Happy Death Day'. The group promoted well in their debut era, but now there's been silence for the past 2 months. What is JYP doing? Are they mistreating them just the way they did on Day6?

The group's last Twitter update was on February 16 and the last Instagram update was on February 21. Since then, there has been silence from their side. Obviously, before a comeback, the groups tend to stay inactive, but not to this extent.

This isn't surprising considering how past artists like Day6, GOT7, and 2AM were mistreated. JYP is always known to give priority to their girl groups. Luckily, boy groups like Stray Kids and 2PM made a name for themselves. Meanwhile, groups that focus on vocals rather than dancing always get less promoted by JYP, just like Day6 and 2AM. Xdinary Heroes have a similar style too, so I hope they don't get the same mistreatment.

I see their new girl group NMIXX everywhere on the internet, but not about Xdinary Heroes. Groups from big companies always get lots of attention and hype. But why not Xdinary Heroes? The problem is that JYP doesn't promote them properly. What are your thoughts? Do you also think JYP is mistreating Xdinary Heroes?