Do you think Karan Johar has ruined the reputation of Dharma Productions?

Dharma productions is one of the biggest and reputable banner of Bollywood. It has given industry some most remarkable films and new talent.

Yash Johar established it in 1979 and work hard to make it one of the most prestigious production company in India.

Production house who is well known to make content oriented films includes family drama, action and more.

However, after his demise, his son Karan Johar took over the company.

Karan, who is been accuse as a " torch bearer of nepotism" in the industry by many people has been experimenting a lot with different genre which suits his perception.

In my opinion, his films have lost the spark, content , good music and charm which Dharma films used to have in the past. He makes films highly inspired from Hollywood and creates fairy tales that are hard to digest.

Karan also supports and promotes favoritism and nepotism through his banner.

What are your thoughts?