Do you think Karan Johar should call non-celebrities on the couch?

Shweta and Karan are childhood friends. For years there was no mention of her in the media, and then just like that she was everywhere. No one was surprised therefore when she launched her fashion line and also dabbled in writing a book. But in order for her clothes to sell, Shweta had to have some celebrity, something that would make her relevant. Shows such as Karan where the glitterati of Bollywood come to be seen and heard give her that platform. It doesn't matter that she has no credentials or that she is not in the industry- it's the perception that she is one of them that help in selling her brand. If you notice she's present at every Bollywood event.

Karan Johar usually calls celebrities but he sometimes makes exceptions by calling people related to them. He once even did a show with Gauri Khan and Suzanne Khan both of whom are not cine celebrities themselves but are related to them. You may also recall that earlier Sonam Kapoor had come with her siblings too, Rhea Kapoor who is a non-celebrity producer and Harshavardhan Kapoor.

But again, his show, his rules. What are your views on this?