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Do you think Kartik Aaryan would have got more support if he was a good actor?

Kartik Aaryan has been in the news for the past few months for all the wrong reasons. His exit or say termination from 'Dostana 2' by Karan Johar had polarised everyone. Some blamed Kjo for being the bully and ill-treating an outsider. Especially publicly announcing the removal of an actor from a film and vowing to never work with him. It made everyone angry.


Another section believes that it was Kartik's fault and success has gone to his head. There was also a rumor floating that Janhvi Kapoor (co-star of the film) and her alleged breakup with Kartik led Kjo to do this.


We might never know the full truth, but don't you think Kartik would have got more support from the public if he was a good actor? His filmography consists of mostly misogynistic films with his overacting. If and only if had he been doing quality films with sincere performances, things would have been different for him. What do you think?


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