Do you think Lee Jong Suk has typecasted himself over the years?

Lee Jong-suk, probably one of the biggest actors in Korea, is known for his various shows that are highly popular both domestically and internationally. From "Pinnochio" to "Romance is a bonus book," he has given one hit after another.

However, no matter how diverse these dramas have been, I believe Lee Jong-suk has always played very similar roles in terms of the projection of emotions or different aspects of a human. He has somehow typecasted himself as a "Romance hero," the dramas he has been part of have diverse stories, but they always portrayed the same male lead who is cold at first and then turns into this saviour.

"Pinnochio," "While You Were Sleeping," "Romance is a bonus book," "W" etc. I see similar attributes and emotions in these characters, which leaves little to no space for Lee Jong-suk to deliver more than what he has already conveyed.

The potential that we have seen in him in "Doctor Stranger" has never been explored more. I really wish to see him doing more challenging roles which justify his capabilities as an actor. It would be thrilling to see him breaking those stereotypes that are created over the years. Don't you think?

Would you like to see Lee Jong-suk taking up more challenging roles in the upcoming years?