Do you think obsessing over a star is healthy?

Star worshipping culture is rampant in India. Be it celebs, politicians, or cricketers, people just love to love them. But many go overboard and their love turns into an obsession in no time. Fan clubs, temples, tattoos of their favorite celebs, love letters, and whatnot. Back in the day, girls used to write love letters for Rajesh Khanna from their own blood. Dev Anand had to stop wearing a black suit because there were reports of some women jumping off the roof seeing him.


In recent times also, we have seen how many fans travel from different regions to meet their fans. They go gaga. In the south, this obsession is on a surreal level. People have built temples of Rajinikanth and Hansika Motwani, they love to prostrate in front of their idols and pour milk on their pictures to celebrate their birthday.


I feel it's okay to love and admire someone but there should be a limit. One should be flexible in seeing different sides of their favorites. Because they are also humans and are flawed. So they should be admired for their good and criticized and called out if they do or say something wrong.


What's your take on this?