Do you think people would go and watch movies in theatres or will they prefer sitting home?

For the past 2 years due to pandemic, every public place has been closed as it's a spreading virus. All over the world cinema, theatres or auditoriums were shut down by the government to keep everyone safe and sound from getting the virus.

Now that the spreading of the virus has come under control, the government has permitted all the public shops, malls and theatres to open up for everyone! Even though they are opening up public places, everyone must be fully vaccinated!

Now we all know that 2 years of Covid-19 has been scary and sad for everyone as some lost their loved ones or had got the virus in their body! Well, do you think that people would forget about how dangerous the virus is and without any concern roam around?

Will people be ready to go watch films in the cinema hubs or would they prefer to watch them on the OTT platform, what do you think?

The cinema houses are opening up on November 5, and the first movie which is releasing in theatres is Sooryavanshi? Would you go and watch it with your family and friends?