Do you think prioritising quantity over quality has proved right for Akshay Kumar's career?

Akshay Kumar turns a year old today and he has been enjoying a successful career in Bollywood for decades. Starting out in the 90s, Akshay carved his niche with the action-packed 'Khiladi' films which were both critical and commercial hits. But in the early 2000s, Akshay may be realised that maybe people are getting bored with the same type of films and things took a turn with 'Hera Pheri'.


After that, despite some hits and misses, Akshay was doing one comedy film after the other for the longest time. Some of them were doing wonders at the box office like 'Singh Is King', 'Bhool Bhulaiyaa' etc. Then the tides changes and we saw a nationalist Akshay emerge out of it who was keen on doing films with a social message and patriotic theme.


It seems like Akshay gets the mood of the audience and knows when to do what. But amidst all this, quality seems to have taken a back seat a long time ago. Doing 4-5 films a year also leads to over-exposure and the audience getting bored from a star. So do you think this strategy of Akshay has proved right?