Do you think Ranbir Kapoor still fits the bill to play the role of a young romantic lead?

Ranbir Kapoor has been one of the most successful and hyped romantic lead in recent times. But as they say, all good things must come to an end. So Ranbir Kapoor being, 38 years old now, isn't it high time that Ranbir starts playing age on screen? Now some of you might say that the likes of Salman's and SRK's and Akshay's have been playing that character in their 50's as well. So compared to that Ranbir is pretty young!? But what I think is that times have changed now. We have more active actors in the industry at present than any previous generation, thanks to OTT. And the audience at large is more conscious of this bias in the industry that whiles actresses have to always be young, their male counterparts can be closer to their father's age and still romance them! Not taking anything away from the Rockstar Ranbir. I think he has aged really well. It's just that he better start playing age on screen now, is what I feel. Your comments?