Do you think Ranveer Singh ended Hrithik Roshan’s career?

I'd want to point out that Hrithik Roshan destroyed his own career with his own films and such long gaps between them, but Ranveer Singh has been on a roller coaster ride with back-to-back outstanding performances, so there's no comparison. However, if their films collide on the box office one day, Ranveer Singh would undoubtedly win. Ranveer Singh took over after Hrithik Roshan took a break and is presently on the spot where Hrithik Roshan used to be. I'm sure Hrithik would have been the sole choice for epic mytho flicks if Ranveer wasn't here.

I know Hrithik had a lot of success at the beginning of his career but then he kind of lost his way in the middle, yes he can dance, act, and look charming, I mean he is a complete package, but he still seems underrated to me, he still has a long way to go and one magical performance is due on him, maybe Super 30 is the next big thing, we'll see.


Ranveer, on the other hand, is good in the sense that he is better than most new actors these days, such as Sid, Varun, Tiger, and so on, but he is still no match for Hrithik. Ranveer Singh performs admirably; he is vivacious and gifted, but man Hrithik outperforms him in every genre. To be honest, after my favourite actor, SRK, Hrithik is the next best. Just look at his eyes while he's acting. Hrithik Roshan is a fantastic performer, Watch Mission Kashmir, Fiza and his older works, then koi mil gaya Agneepath, ZNMD, where he nails every character from Jodha Akbar to Guzzarish to Kaabil, and the War so what else do you need in action?