Do you think Ranveer Singh would have gotten hate for wearing a bathrobe at the airport like Zeeshan Khan did?

Zeeshan Khan is a television actor known for his work in Ekta Kapoor’s Kumkum Bhagya. The actor was recently under a lot of fire on social media after he posted a video wherein he was seen wearing only a bathrobe at the airport in an attempt to become a part of the Guinness Book of World Record . Zeeshan recorded people reacting to him walking around the airport wearing a bathrobe, making it look like he’s not wearing anything else under it.


Even though, the actor’s aim was to create funny videos and entertain his fans, the audience did not react the same way. He received mean and hateful comments on social media. Netizens did not understand his joke and felt that Zeeshan was in the wrong for breaking airport rules and causing trouble at the airport.


Kumkum Bhagya fame has now stated that if Ranveer Singh showed up at the airport wearing the same thing, people would have not reacted the same way.


How do you think people would react if Ranveer Singh shows up at the airport in a bathrobe? Would it become a new fashion trend, another one of Ranveer’s crazy looks or would he receive backlash just like Zeeshan Khan did?