Do you think Salman overreacted after Priyanka left 'Bharat'?

Salman Khan seems to be a person who doesn't take no for an answer. So after Priyanka Chopra left Ali Abbas Zafar's 'Bharat' that had Salman in the lead, his reaction seemed a bit more than required. In an interview with Bollywood Hungama, the actor said, "Over Bharat, she chose USA in the ‘nick’ of time. She has worked all her life so hard and when she got the biggest film of her life, she dumped the film and got married. Hats off! Usually, people leave the husbands for this".

It was the 'biggest film of Priyanka's career' in his opinion. He could have just moved on with it and respected her decision but he chose to glorify this issue and mock her in public. Do you think this reaction was justified? Or was he right? Comment down your thoughts below.