Do you think Sara Ali Khan really deserves to be in Bollywood?

She is becoming irritating and another nepotism product, rather than speaking too much she should focus on her work with which she is not doing any justice. 

Why few people might say that- "Why not? She has just begun her career in acting, waiting for some time and I hope she will give her best" 

Do you know, she once made a demand during Love Aaj Kal 2 promotions that she and Kartik only should be present during promotions as lead actors and not Arushi Sharma who is her co-actress in the movie. Did you see Arushi Sharma anywhere for the promotions? That answers it all.

Yes, she might be good with her behaviour, but isn't that a basic courtesy that as a human everyone should follow? she treats reporters well that's the basic courtesy thing, apart from that thats her PR advises her for the same, it's a pity that people keep on praising her when there are many more talented actors who are not able to showcase their real work because of the nepotism pervasive in the industry.