Do you think social media has different standards for celebrities and common people?

In his recent interview for his talk show Pinch's second season, Arbaaz Khan openly talks about how celebrities have to be more vigilant in public. He expressed that trolls don't spare celebrities at all even for something as menial as parking in a no parking spot. He says that people feel celebrities can get away with anything easily, but in reality it's the opposite. He lashes out about the ongoing cancel culture and how these things affect an actor's professional life as well. He says "You cannot be caught with a cigarette in your hand, you cannot be driving like this, you cannot be parking like this, you cannot be eating like this, you cannot be talking like this, you cannot have a small brawl and push somebody... It's like, you lost your ads, you lost your movies, you lost your respectability, you lost everything. If you do that to a celeb, you also have to pull it down to the common man. A faceless guy on social media can troll you, abuse you, your family, can say whatever the hell he wants. He can talk about your personal life, your professional life, everything. But so what? He can. But you try saying it. There is a disparity here. Social media works on some strange level". Do you agree with this?