Do you think there's too much stress for 'outsiders' in Bollywood?

We all know that being in Bollywood and trying to survive and make an impression here without a Godfather is so very tough especially in an age when almost every filmmaker is busy launching star-kids only. Even if outsiders are considered for casting, they are given side-roles mostly and that too when you're at your best physical shape, you have to always look good and have a significant fan base of your own, unlike star-kids who are backed by producers and heavily paid PR agencies.

Referring to same now, Richa Chadha and Shobhaa De have come forward and talked about how stressful this job could be. Richa while posting a picture of Sid and expressing condolence to friends and family said, "RIP Sidharth Shukla . Didn't know you at all, bro. Never met you. But today my heart goes out to your mother. Having to outlive your son is the worst possible pain V. Condolences to your family. It seemed like you were successful, happy, working your way towards your dreams... You were loved too.

May everyone in this fraternity learn to be kind to one another but most importantly learn to be kind to ONESELF. Stress is a terrible thing. Your legions of fans must be heartbroken too. Go well."

Shobhaa De also talked on similar lines revealing that stress could be very risky for actor, " This is an extremely high-stress profession, the entertainment industry is competitive and cut-throat. Production houses should have therapists for those participating especially in reality shows,"


Your comments on this please.