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Do you think these celebs are overrated or underrated?

I was looking at a list of top actors in bollywood currently and realize some actors are so overrated and some are underrated and some are getting the recognition they deserve. Actors that I feel are overrated are-

Ayushmann Khurrana- I know I'll get hate for this one and he has given back to back hit, but dont you feel all he does is the same type of film, same genre, same small town boy role, and even with the same cast!! Its becoming too much, he needs a change.

Ranbir Kapoor- another one I will get hate for. But I just don't understand the hype, he's a Kapoor and he's good looking. He can act but he isn't as extraordinary as everyone thinks.

Salman Khan- he is massively overrated, became a superstar without ever giving a decent performance.

Tiger Shroff- how he became such a big star, I don't know. Massively overrated.

Now for some stars I feel are underrated-

Rajkummar Rao- this man is massively underrated. He switches between roles so quickly.

Saif Ali Khan- the one Khan that isnt even considered as a Khan, man has been overlooked way too much.

Vicky Kaushal- another star that doesn't get the recognition he deserves. He can do comedy, horror, action, romantic, what can he not do?

Who do you think is overrated or underrated?


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