Do you think Venom didn't get the hype like the other MCU movies?

Yesterday, I was watching Venom for the first time and I realised it didn't get the hype or fanfare like any other Marvel movie.


It's like a Spiderman story where Eddie Broke gets superhero or supernatural powers, accidentally. The story is predictable and known but the plot is really gripping. So, the story is about Eddie who is an investigative journalist, and while investigating a scientist, he loses his career, job, girlfriend, as well as apartment. He starts losing his mind when in bizarre circumstances he comes in contact with a living parasite in the scientist's lab who was trying to make a human-symbio combination.


Eddie becomes Venom after the parasite enters his body and then the story unfurls in further ways. Well, according to me the action sequence could have been better because after watching all the Marvel movies, it didn't really make any impact but I was hooked to the plot if I say so. Watch it on SonyLiv App as Sony has the rights to this film.


What do you think?