Do you think Vidya Balan and scam 1992 fame Pratik Gandhi would make a nice couple?

We all have seen Pratik Gandhi in Scam 1992 and needless to say that we have loved every bit of his performance, on the other hand, Vidya Balan is such a big star in herself that most of the time she doesn't need a make actor to be in her film.

It will be really interesting to see both of them acting together as a couple in a rom com. As per sources, Vidya and Pratik are coming together for a romantic comedy movie by Ellipsis entertainment.

Pratik is definitely a great actor and watching him doing a light role in rom com would be really different and opposite to what we have seen earlier from him. This movie could be a big stepping stone for him and could spread open the doors of B town for him. I am really really looking forward to seeing them together on the big screen. Do you think they will make a good pair?